Multi-stakeholder Projects


Conservation Ag Systems Innovation

Postdoctoral Scholar/"Circuit Rider"

Collaboration of over 1500 researchers, farmers, public agents, and industry to develop knowledge, facilitate information exchange, and drive adoption of conservation tillage practices in California. Provide support in developing randomized block on-farm trials; synthesize and share learnings amongst growers.


CA Farm Demonstration Network

UC Davis Partner Representative

Partnership between CA Department of Food and Ag, University of CA, Davis, UC Ag and Natural Resources, USDA-NRCS, CA Resource Conservation District, and CA Farm Bureau to create a farmer-to-farmer network of discovery, demonstration, and resource sharing. Conceptualized and co-developed website and webinar series. Supported development of (4) regional hubs.


RegenScore Alliance

President/Measurement Workstream Lead

RegenScore is a coalition of 100+ farmers, ranchers, scientists, technical assistance providers, food purchasers, designers, and storytellers collaborating to regionally define, develop metrics, and drive industry support for "regenerative agriculture." Developing a unified, adaptive scoring framework that integrates both practice and outcomes-based approaches and rewards any and all progress.

Presentations/ Webinars

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Advisory Boards/ Committees

  • RegenScoreTM Alliance – President of Steering Committee
  • S2J2 Responsible Food Systems Lead Scientist
  • Point Blue Crop-C and Range-C Technical Working Group
  • Soil Science Society of America – Science Policy Committee
       –  Climate Task Force, Biden Transition Task Force
  • Soil Science Society of America – Membership Retention Task Force
  • Growing the Table Steering Committee
  • Open Team Field Methods Working Group
  • Soil Health Institute – Tier 1 Measurements & Communications Team
  • Soil Health Institute – Education Action Team
  • Regenerative Organic Certification – Soil Health Advisory Committee
  • Land Core – Advisory Board
  • Kiss the Ground – Lead Soil Science Advisor
  • Planet Fwd – Advisory Board
  • North Coast Soil Health Hub – Technical Advisory Board

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