SSC100 - Intro to Soil Science

Led (2) lab sections of 25-30 students (4 quarters); demonstrated proper lab protocols and methodologies; elucidated connections between lab assignments and in-class lectures; created new student learning outcomes and objectives.

SSC 111 - Soil Microbiology

Led (2) lab sections of 20-25 students (2 quarters); demonstrated lab protocols; created new learning outcomes and objectives; developed interactive projects (2017: infographic/video production; 2016: Microbe-wiki Webpage); and hybridized the class.

SSC105/205 - Soil Field Course

Co-taught in 2022, TA in 2019: Used soil sequences to educate on state factors and processes that drive the development and variability of soils across California; led investigations of the influence of water table and water source; provided logistical support; team-building.